Authentic Flat Bean Fry Recipe | Sem ki Phalli Recipe

flat bean fry recipe

 Flat Bean Fry Recipe Flat Bean Fry Recipe- Presenting another delightful Indian recipe – Indian Flat Beans Recipe, also known as Sem ki Phalli Recipe, sem ki phalli fry, seem ki sabzi and seem ki bhaji, seem ki sabji  Sem Sabzi, etc in India. These versatile beans are also referred to as, Horse Bean, and … Read more

Bengali Delight: Exquisite Rupchand Fish Curry with Kohlrabi, Flat Beans, Bottle Gourd

rupchand fish

      Bengali cuisine is renowned for its rich flavors and diverse use of ingredients. Among the myriad of delectable dishes, Bengali-style Rupchand Fish Curry stands out with its unique blend of Chinese pomfret, kohlrabi, flat beans, bottled gourd, and tomatoes. Today, I’m back with a very healthy and tasty Rupchand Fish curry, loaded … Read more

Flavorful Vegetable Mix with Bottle Gourd, Flat Beans & Peas (Quick & Easy Recipe!)

Vegetable mix

Imagine a plate filled with vibrant colors and flavors – that’s exactly what the Vegetable Mix Recipe offers. Combining the goodness of bottle gourd, flat beans, and green peas, this dish is a delightful addition to your culinary repertoire. Let’s dive into the details of this mouthwatering recipe. The magic lies in adding cumin powder, … Read more