Arbi Ke Patte Ka Saag Recipe: A Delicious and Nutritious Dish

– Take arbi saag with stem and peel off its skin. – Wash it thoroughly under running water.

– Wash it thoroughly under running water. – Boil the arbi saag in water for about 5 minutes or until it becomes soft.t

– After boiling the arbi saag, make sure to strain it well and remove any excess water to ensure that the saag is not too watery. This will help to ensure that the saag has a thicker consistency and better flavor.

– Heat oil in a pan. – Add bay leaf, dry chili, and geera to the hot oil.

– Add soaked red chana to the pan and saute for a few minutes.

– Now, add boiled arbi saag to the pan and mix well.Add haldi, green chili, and salt to the pan,mix well

– cover the pan,Cook arbi saag for about 10 minutes or until the saag becomes dry on medium to low heat

after 7 to 10 minutes,add geera powder,ginger paste and mix well on medium heat

stir well

– Switch off the flame and add lemon leaf to the pan. – note:If you do not have lemon leaves, you can add a small raw lemon [not juice ]to the saag to achieve a similar flavor.

After adding the lemon, cover the pan and let the saag sit for 5 minutes to allow the lemon flavor to infuse into the saag. This will help to enhance overall flavor of the saag.

your  Arbi ke patte ka saag is ready to serve.

Arbi ke Patte ka Saag