Tilapia Green Curry: A Delicious and Simple Recipe for Curry Lover

– 3 small fried or raw tilapia fish and some bata fish[optional]

The first step in making Tilapia Green Curry is to prepare the curry paste. This is the base of the dish and gives it its signature flavor. To make the paste, follow these steps:

– In a blender or food processor, add 1 inch ginger, 7 garlic cloves, 3 green chilli, and 2 hand full dhaniya leaves and 1 tomato – Blend the ingredients until they form a smooth paste. – Set the paste aside for later use.

– Heat oil in a pan and add dry chilli . Fry for a few seconds until the spices are fragrant.

– Add the curry paste and haldi to the pan and cook for 5 minutes until the paste is fried and the oil separates from the mixture.

Add the raw or [fried] tilapia fish and other fish to the pan and coat well with the curry paste.i used raw fish

– cook for 5 minutes on high heat.add salt

add 1 cup water and mix well,add ,geera powder.let cook for more 7 to 10 minutes on high heat

– Once the fish is cooked through, remove from heat.

– Garnish with fresh dhaniya leaves and serve hot with rice or naan bread.

instant tilapia green curry