Muri Ghonto Recipe: A Delicious Bengali Delight

begin by soaking 2 cups of basmati rice in water for approximately 10 minutes. This step helps in removing excess starch and ensures that the rice cooks evenly

To prepare Muri Ghonto, you’ll need the following ingredients: – 2 cups of basmati rice, gobindo bhog rice, or joha rice – 1 rohu fish head – Ghee or mustard oil for cooking – Raw masalas: bay leaves, dry chilli, geera, dalchini, elaichi, long – Powdered masalas: 1 teaspoon geera powder, 1 teaspoon garam masala powder, 1/2 teaspoon haldi, 1 teaspoon red chilli powder, 1 teaspoon dhaniya powder – Salt to taste

Heat oil in a pan and fry the rohu fish head until it turns golden brown and crisp. This adds a rich flavor to the dish and enhances the overall taste of the rice.

In the same pan, heat some oil /ghee and add bay leaves, dry chili, geera, dalchini, elaichi, and long. These aromatic spices infuse the oil with their flavors.

add the soaked basmati rice and fry it for a minute, ensuring that the grains are coated with the fragrant oil.

add the powdered masalas. Start by adding 1/2 teaspoon of geera powder, followed by dhaniya powder, red chili powder, and haldi powder. Mix well to evenly distribute the spices and coat the rice with their vibrant colors and aromatic flavors.

add the fried fish head to the pan and gently mix it with the rice.add green chillies,and mix well

add 2 and a half cups of water (for 2 cups of basmati rice) and season with salt to taste.  Mix everything well, cover the pan, and let it cook on low heat for approximately 5 to 7 minutes or until the rice is cooked to perfection.

After the rice is cooked, add garam masala powder and the remaining 1/2 teaspoon of geera powder for an extra burst of flavors. For added richness, incorporate 2 spoons of ghee

 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Serve the dish hot with steamed rice for a satisfying meal.